Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Trip to the Post Office

Every day I have to go to the Post Office to pick up our mail--although I have to admit there are days I don't care enough to make the trip. It's four miles--an eight-mile round trip, so it's close enough to ride a bike, but not really to walk. Yesterday I went down and parked and behind me pulls in this: It was Mark Marcheasseault heading up the road in his tractor with a round hay bale--must have been off to feed cows somewhere. He's a sweetie and stopped to ask me if I got my picture when he saw me standing there with my camera.
The mail lady had just arrived, and I knew it would be a little while before the mail was up, so I walked around with my camera and got some updated images--not that anything around here changes all that often. . . . (LOL) This is the very famous Polar Bar. I'm not kidding about the famous part. Obviously, it's closed.
This is the old outhouse that sits behind the old used-to-be general store and post office. I have a thing about outhouses--I keep trying to find one that somebody will give to me for a garden shed in the "park" beside our house. In 14 years I've not yet been successful. This one I like--it's quite large.
This is the interior. It used to be a two-holer and it was obviously not your basic outhouse, as I can see that at one time it was actually insulated for those cold winter "sittings."
This is the back side of the used-to-be general store and post office. The building was originally one of the buildings at the site of the Polaris Mine which was a few miles east up the valley. It's been around for awhile!
After I got my mail and headed home I noticed the camus in bloom all along the road. Seeing as how I had my camera I decided to stop and try to get some good images. They're not great, but representative!
It is totally awesome when the camus is in full bloom in this valley. I can look off across the pastures and it looks like the pasture is actually a lake--a mirage. It's so beautiful. It doesn't last long.
One of the things I like best here is the beautiful blue, crystal clear skies with delightful cloud formations floating by. It makes for wonderful photography!!!


Jess said...

ooh oh, I love the flower pictures!!!

Jenny said...

THIS is what I'm talking about- how many people get to do this on their way to the post office!!

Linda said...

How many people have to go to the post office every day to get their mail??!!!