Monday, June 15, 2009

Look Who Came To Visit!!!

Joan Mohr showed up at our door yesterday! She celebrated her 90th birthday this year and doesn't she just look great--and beautiful as always!
She left the valley several years to go to Kansas (now) to live with her daughter, Lani, but she's come back every summer to visit--except last summer. (She had fallen and wasn't able to drive.) So it was wonderful to see her again. Driving all the way by herself from Kansas in her brand new little Jeep Liberty.
You are the greatest, Joan. We love you and miss you. The valley will never again be the same without you here.

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Jenny said...

Wow- she really does look great- better than I remember! I guess I can't complain about driving from Kansas anymore- if she can do it by herself, then I should be able to do it...!