Thursday, June 4, 2009

News From the "Hangar" in Germany

This is a recent note that Sheila sent me about what is happening at the Hangar. David is there helping them do some outside work--I would say they have taken on some massive projects. We're looking forward to more news and pictures, Sheila!

"Roger and David have been digging the volleyball court for the last 3 days. We got an estimate from a local company to dig the hole, but they said they could do it WAY-Y-Y cheaper. So they rented a little digger and borrowed a trailer to pull behind the van. They load up the trailer with dirt and then drive to the back of our property and dump it. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t tilt, so they have to hand shovel all the dirt out of the trailer every time. They have worked from sunup to sundown every day and come in exhausted and filthy. All the energy they have left is to eat a little something, take a shower and fall into bed. But their spirits are good and they keep saying that they are getting good exercise!! Praise God we have had good weather and neither of them has injured anything.

I could definitely relate with you about the weeds in the garden. It is a never ending battle!! We have been laying down the weed stopping material in the new areas we are doing, but that doesn’t account for all the old areas that still have the weeds. I have spent the last week trying to get all the moss and weeds out of the cobblestone walkway between the garden area and the barn. It is about 6 feet wide and at least 100 feet long. I have to dig down between each cobblestone and uproot all the plants and dirt and yuck that has accumulated there. It is a time-consuming, arduous process, but the result is fabulous. I am about halfway done and the finished cobblestones look so beautiful that I am motivated to finish it all. Someone gave me a homemade weed-killing recipe of vinegar, salt and detergent that I have been pouring over my cleaned cobblestones to at least slow the growth of new weeds."

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