Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Country Living Today--Surprise!!!

This is what we came home to today when we finished up in town. . . . The one in the cage is the baby. The one below is the (dead) mama. We're not sure how many babies there are, but probably several. We'll get those, also. They live under the storage shed and mama feeds herself from the food in the "cat house" inside the shed. This is the last year we will provide nesting and food for local skunks. Walt will move the shed and we will pour a cement slab. That will end the skunk problem. (In case you're wondering, Walt shot her dead instantly with one shot so she didn't "spray" before she died.) It's called "country living."

On to happier subjects! This is my rhubarb patch after I harvested this evening--still so much left! It will last for several weeks. I have a thing about rhubarb! All of my plants have come from the "rhubarb patch" up on the side of the mountain. It was planted by a miner decades ago when his mine wasn't producing, so he planted rhubarb and made wine out of it! Probably didn't make his fortune, but we valley people continue to reap the bounty of his efforts. Tomorrow I will make rhubarb cake to go in the freezer for when the Gang comes to visit!! Can hardly wait.


Brittani said...

McKade thought the skunks were pretty cool, I guess we need to get up there and visit, the pictures are all gorgeous as is your family!!

Kelle said...

PTL the mama didn't spray, Mike shot one last Fall, head shot,and it sprayed all over, smelled for days, YUCK!!!!

How did you handle the one in the trap? I'd be afraid to get to close and get sprayed.

Mike shot a sick coon a month or so back, it was really weird to see a coon in the daylight hours and it acted ill. We don't think it was rabies, but rather poison or possibly distemper.

We harvest rhubarb all season. Are you pulling it or cutting? If you pull it it will keep sending up shoots, also pull the seed heads out,or it will stop it's new growth. Speaking of which I have some I need to harvest and since it's rainy I'll do that today. I'll freeze this harvest as last harvest I made into rhubarb sauce and canned it.It's yummy over ice cream, and even over granola with yogurt for breakfast instead of milk. We'll be milk free until April, that is if Addy takes this month or if we need to send her back to the bull in July.
Love and blessings,

Linda said...

Hi Kelle. The one in the trap was a baby and babies this young don't produce odor--it kept trying, but no spray. Walt took the trap down to the creek and set it in the water....
I'm never sure how long my rhubarb will last. I pull it, not cut, and always pull the seed heads as soon as I see one appearing. I mostly harvest, clean, cut and bag it and give it away as gifts to neighbors. I always have some in the freezer for the whole year. I love rhubarb!

Jenny said...

YAY- I won't get sprayed when I come in a couple of weeks like I did a few years ago!!!!!