Friday, June 19, 2009


The end of an era. The Grasshopper Inn is permanently closed.
It looks pretty lonely and empty. It has been the valley gathering place for many, many years. A lot has happened here--many, many memories. We stayed here in 1986 when we came and bought our first piece of property in the valley. I will have to find out when it opened. It was originally called "The Bed Spread."
We miss you, Tucker and Marti.
The cows are on the move. The ranchers are moving small herds to "staging" areas before they move them up to the high mountain pastures for the summer. That happens on 1 July. These are some of the Tash cows.
This is a pasture full of camus in the Big Hole Valley. (I had to go to Jackson today to get a haircut.) It's very difficult to capture the water mirage created by a field of camus--this is about the best I've done. The Bitterroot Mountain Range is so beautiful.

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