Monday, August 8, 2011

Morning Magic in the Grasshopper Valley

It doesn't matter which direction we walk from our house on our daily hikes, it is beautiful.  We are so lucky to live here.

 Sunrise on the pond.  Faintly in the far side of the pond you can see steam rising off the water.  Wonder what that means. . . .
 This is one of our "sittin' spots" on our property which obviously needs some weed wacker attention, but I couldn't bear to cut down the flowers!  I would rather sit in them.
 My walk yesterday included walking alone the Grasshopper Creek.  Grasshopper Creek is where gold was originally discovered down by Bannack and the Montana gold rush was on.  Here in our valley (above Bannack) it is still beautiful and pristine.
Can't see any fish here, but folks tell me the fishing is pretty good!

Come walk with me sometime!  I'll show you some beautiful places!

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