Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 It's no wonder I NEVER get any blooms from my garden.  If it's not the deer, it's the moose.  (These are taken very early in the morning, in low light, and through the living room window, so the quality is BAD.)
 I recognize this bull - he has notches in both ears and he's been around before!
 As he nonchalantly saunters away from my garden.  I couldn't get him to move on even after going outside and trying to shoo him away.  Do I love them or hate them?
 So the one bull took off and not 3 minutes later 3 more wandered across in front of the house - two cows and one bull trailing behind.  They didn't stick around to eat my garden.  Good thing.
 But within 5 minutes this is what I saw out my window!  If it isn't the moose, it's the deer.  And the deer are not supposed to like the stuff I spray on my plants.  YEAH, RIGHT. . . .
 He's a cute little thing.
 He's just lucky I didn't fill him full of birdshot.

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