Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Day for a Winter Woman

It started snowing this morning and about four inches accumulated.  It was beautiful.  I love snow days.  Of course, that means it's a soup day, so I put on a pot of beans that I cooked for several hours and then added some shredded chicken, shrimp and kielbasa - delish!

 FINALLY.  This quilt top is done.  It has been a nightmare.  A monstrosity.  It has been on my work table for almost a year, but I have finally finished it.  I worked on it last night till late, cause I couldn't stand the thought of getting up this morning and still have it lying there waiting for me.  I will never again do a Thimbleberries project.  But I kinda like it now that it's done.
 This is what I worked on today.  I had four of these basket blocks to assemble and am now appliquing the handle on each block.  I have the flowers and dragons ready to apply as soon as the handles are done.  This I like!  A lot.
My next project is stacked up here - seven quilts that are totally finished except for the binding around the edges.  Tomorrow.  Can hardly wait to have these done and then I can start on something new!  What a great snow day this has been!

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