Friday, January 14, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Winter Woman

 This is Bootsie, our thirteen-year-old outside cat.  Companion to Sugar.  Number One Mouser.  Outside Cat???  Sure doesn't look like it!  Well, he's been pretty lonely since Sugar disappeared.  And with no one to snuggle up with (Sugar) in some of our sub-zero nights, we felt sorry for him and let him in a few times.  In the past if he got in the house, he would immediately race back outside.  Looks pretty comfortable, doesn't he!
 Now he has a new friend.  He and Chico get along pretty well - current best buds.  So this is how I start my day - with the cat and dog curled up together. . . .
 with me, in front of a nice warm, cozy fire with my morning coffee.
 Today I headed upstairs to my workroom to get started on one of my UFO's (un-finished objects) and have a nice cup of tea in my fun new mug - me and Mickey!  Thanks, Jenny.
So this a small stack of my to-do projects - I think I will be busy for awhile - a very long while - it's a good thing winter up here is looooong!  I look forward to digging into this.  Stay tuned!  What a great day.

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