Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going Maverick!

No!  Not Sarah Palin!  It's skiing at Maverick Mountain - the White Thunder!  I am really grateful for lunch yesterday with Karolin Loendorf (!) and Dee Boka up at the ski hill.  I knew I had to come back for skiing today.  It wasn't a sunshine day, but every other detail was perfect:  not a breath of wind, temperature at about 30 degrees and no lift line.  (Well, that last one isn't totally true since it is Saturday which is Little Skier Day so there were a few kids going up and down - but Saturday is the ONLY day that has lift lines.)  We are so lucky.

 This is where I spent the afternoon - exactly 7 minutes from our back door.  Wow.  Are we blessed or what!  I took this photo from our back porch.
 This is the view down the valley from one of the runs at the top of the mountain.  2100 feet vertical rise - a really awesome, although small, ski area.  And the lift ticket is $30 per day!  Amazing.
 If you clicked on this picture and knew exactly where to look (!!!) you could see our house!  I can look out our kitchen window and see skiers on the hill - seriously!  Without binoculars.
 Sawtooth Mountain stands out in the view from this run.
Off-loading from the lift at the top of the mountain the view to the west is of the Bitterroot Mountains.  The skiing today was so fabulous that I think might actually turn into a real ski bum!  And not a rock anywhere!!  See you on the slopes!

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