Thursday, December 16, 2010

Walt is Home! Winter Work Begins!

 First item of business - load up the porch with firewood - since I had used it all up!
 And then the snow blower is for cleaning out the road to the toy shed.  Lots of work, but Walt likes it compared to the jungle!
 Good old shovel is the only thing that works on the decks.
 More work, but it was a beautiful sunny day.
 Next the plow comes out to clean out the driveway.  Lots of snow this year!  We're not complaining - yet!
 Work is done, so now it's time for some fun on the snowmobile.  Yup.  Gotta dress warm - really warm!
 Bootsie and Chico are becoming best buds.  Yeah, I know.  COATS FOR DOGS?!!  Puppies won't last long in sub-zero temps - seriously!
Bootsie's best bud, Sugar, was probably coyote bait a few weeks ago (he's kind of disappeared), so Bootsie thinks Chico should be his new best bud.  Chico loves it!


Kelle said...

Awwwwwh! cute, glad the cat and pup get along so well. Our one dog, Tuffy, well..... he and Cortney's cat olerate each other, you can feel the tension when they are in the same room*wink*

Glad you're getting snow, maybe it won't be so dry next summer. We're praying for snow, although the sub zero temps can stay at bay. I know, I know we ALWAYS get a few weeks of bitter sub zero temps in January and I can live with that, knowing it's only for a short time, besides my green house is 20 degrees warmer than the outside temps with out any manmade heat*wink*.
If I don't have time to stop in before Christmas may yours be filled with love, joy, peace and many, many blessings.

Blessings and HUGS,

Rachel said...

The snowmoiling looks FUN! Enjoy yourselves now the chores are finished and you're together again! You'll be in HOT Florida before you know it, right? :)