Monday, December 20, 2010

A Photo-Op Kind of Day

I had to go to Jackson this morning in about 4 inches of new snow - the road had not yet been plowed - a long, slow drive, but I made it.  I think I'm getting used to winter driving.  On the way home about noon the sun had come out and I saw some perfect photo-ops as I drove along.  Love this country!

 These two shots are of the Tash calving sheds and pasture.  There are similar stacks of bales on three sides of the pasture.  Lots of cows to feed in February and March when they are calving.

 Our little one-room school house is still open and teaching children.  It's almost like home schooling with a certified teacher.  These children are very fortunate.  We will attend their annual Christmas Show tonight.  Our three Zack granddaughters attended this school for about six months.  They loved the school and Fran.

 Some of the horses at the Zimdars ranch.  And a few cows.

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