Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas in a One Room School House

 The Grasshopper Valley School was established in 1892, so it has been in operation for over 100 years!  For two years we had no children in the school which was the maximum time before permanent closure, but this year we now have four children enrolled, so the school is once again open for business.  Those of us who live here are very thankful for this turn of events.
 Last night was the Annual Christmas Play and the students presented "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
 Linus (Noah) told about the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas.
 The kids got the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree decorated and sang some songs
 and then they took several bows.  (They were so cute!)  We thoroughly enjoyed their presentation but about this time there was a whole lot of noise outside - and who should appear at the school house door?
 You guessed it!!!  Santa himself!
 Our teacher, Amanda, and her little girl who still has a couple years before she will be part of the class.
 Santa was digging around in his bag looking for just the right gift for this little gal.  (Another potential student!)
 These two didn't know it, but it was actually their daddy holding them!  Tyler Tash.  He was a student in this school when we moved here. . . .
 Even some of the big girls wanted to tell Santa what they are hoping he will bring.
Now it's time for treats!

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