Monday, August 23, 2010

Of Moose and Cranes - and Snow?

The moose are back!  We actually see them off and on all year, but now is when we start seeing them a lot.
This guy got a flash in his eye.  Notice the antlers in velvet.  These guys were right out back by the water feature.
These are two of the three yearling bulls we've had hanging around for a couple months.  The other is out of sight in the bushes - but he's there!  We've also had a deer with triplet fawns this summer.  She's keeping them out of sight - pretty cautious with them, but we've seen them a couple times - once right in the back yard by the summer house.  Cool!
We have sandhill cranes every year and even have a pair that nests "out back" most years.  There's a lot of them that come to the valley, so it's not uncommon to see and hear them around.  They have a very distinctive song?
But this I've never seen before.  This morning we had two pair of them out front of the house!
See?  I told you!!!  Amazing.
The other thing I saw this morning was SNOW!!! in the mountains all around.  Oh, please!  I'm not sure we've actually had summer.

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Kelle said...

Great photos! We had a bull moose, probably a two yr old, his paddles weren't very big,last summer down on the river. I love sandhill cranes and the pelicans are my absolute favorite. We alsways enjoy the different times of the year we'll see our first Robin( early Spring), the bald and golden eagles return to nest( late Spring) and the many, many different varieties of water fowl coming and going all year.

It felt like snow here the past several night, well... really more like frost*wink* but PTL it hasn't!