Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My poor little puppy dog

This picture makes my heart break. Long story. Poncho has had health issues for the last six months or so. Finally figured out that L5 - L6 are completely crunched together and that has been the cause of his issues. So he is now on prednisone for the rest of his little life and probably won't be as active as he has always been and jumping up on the sofa beside me anymore. Unfortunately (or fortunately) in her examination she also found a lump in his anal gland which after she biopsied it turned out to be cancer. So this morning she did surgery to remove the lump and I brought him home this afternoon. He's pretty pathetic! And in considerable pain. My poor little puppy dog.

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Kelle said...

Linda, sorry to hear about Poncho. Just for your info. the prednizone(sp?) will cause further health issues, mainly organ failure especially over long term use. For his added protection I'd suggest getting him some Milk Thistle from a health food store, this will help protect his liver and it's function. You can add it to his food or give it in the form of a capsule, which ever is easier on him.

We'll be praying for him that he heals quickly and is pain free quicker.