Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snuggling with the Dancing Queen

One of my favorite songs right now is one called "I Hope You Dance." This precious little one loves to dance! She's my Dancing Queen.
And she is adorable.
And Mama loves to snuggle with her. . . .

I got to sit in today with the gals in Katie's blogging class. It was their last one and she showed them how to feed their blog posts directly into their fb page using feedburner. So guess what! My blog is now fed directly to my fb page! I'm impressed. Callie, Erin, Reggie (?), Katie, Jamie and Amanda are pictured--all ex-pat wives here in this area. I think Katie had a very successful class with very satisfied students! Congrats, Kate. I was glad I got to sit in on one with you. You're a good teacher. . . besides being one of my gorgeous girls!

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