Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Afternoon in Nurnberg

This is a very famous fountain in the main Platz in Nurnberg.  Have absolutely no recall of the name of it!  I do, however, know the names of the two pretty girls in front of it! 
Katie and Luna
And this is a view of the Platz as I'm standing in front of the fountain.  There are always vendors set up selling their wares.  (Notice the clock at the top of the church.)
The picture above was a wide angle shot with my lens and this is a shot of the clock on the church with a full out telephoto.  Love this lens!  It is perfect as a travel lens.  Have one lens, will travel very light!
There were several flower vendors.  Time for tulips.
Katie and Bas and Luna waiting for me to catch up.  That's always the problem when you're with somebody who's taking pictues!
More tulips
What a beautiful fruit display.
And it was such a perfect day for sitting in the sun and having a coffee or lunch.
This is also a very famous landmark in Nurnberg--a hospital? I think.  Katie took me through there the last time I was here.  It's so beautiful the way it sits over the river.
This was part of some street art on the wooden fence surrounding a construction area.
Kathe Wohlfahrt is probably the most famous Christmas store in the world.  This is just a branch.  The main store is in Rothenburg--we will go there on Tuesday.
We ate lunch on the street.  Few things better in all the world than wurst und brotchen.  And mustard.  On the street.  Right Katie?
It was so strange the first time we saw the Mercedes taxis, but they are very common in western Europe.
Very typical advertisement of a play.
This is a statue of Job in front of a very old church that is now totally modern on the inside.  As is this statue.
This roofline is very typical in Nurnberg.
I was very tempted to choose a delectable treat from this beckerei, but I abstained!
This is obviously a sausage shop!  (Remember, you can click on the images if you want to see them full-size.)
The very modern shopping area of Nurnberg is built inside the original old city walls and in this image one can see one of the corner towers.
There was lots of street activities and this clown making balloon animals was part of the street scene.
Europe has wonderful public art that seems to just pop up out of the street.  Delightful.
The umbrellas at this cafe were absolutely huge.
And this was our last stop--the Schmidt Lebkuchen shop, so I could bring home some more lebkuchen.  Such a treat.

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