Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Luna at last!!!

The very first thing little lulu did was to 'steal' Hello Kitty's necklace! Now it's hers.
And then she had to try on her new summer sandals. They fit really well for Mom's guessing.
Still need socks in winter, though.
Now she's going to try the flip-flops--not such a great fit!
See my necklace!
Luna and Miss Kitty are dancing!
Well, maybe not!
Let's see if Miss Kitty's bow fits my hair. . . . maybe not!
Our little dancing fairy!
Now for Mr. Duck. Do you think he will like some of my Cheerios?
Let's cook!
Yummy pizza
Let's go fish!
Gramma, too!
Oh, this ought to be good!
It's called 'headband demonstration.'
This is how it works!
No way!!! (She must be 2!)


Jenny said...

AWWWW- I miss my little girls!!
Good thing we have Luna! Allie wants the Hello Kitty that they have at Build-a-Bear- she loves Hello kitty- guess they never REALLY grow up ;-)

Linda said...

And I remember when YOU loved hello kitty.