Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is it perfect?
A little help from our friends. . . .
Drin is done with her top except for the two outer borders she will add. Lookin' good!
And this my progress. Not too bad. I leave on Friday to head to Germany--I hate not having this finished. Hard to come back and pick it up again.
These are the two table runners Ellen worked on last week. Lookin' good. Looks like spring is on the way.
This is Drin's soldier quilt. Moose and bears.
And Ellen's soldier quilt. Moose and bears!
My soldier quilt. I thought the moose were very appropriate!
Well, how about that--more moose and bears on Joan's soldier quilt! I'm taking these to Germany with me next week and will take them down to Landstuhl Military Hospital where the wounded military are brought from the battlefield before they are transported forward to the States if they need more care.
Of course, we had lunch and our lunch table was graced by my gorgeous garden goddess. Love that lady. (Remember, you can click on the images to see them full size--then you'll see why I'm so fond of this piece!) And lunch was special for sure as it was catered by Chef Barry--yummy shrimp quesadillas delivered promptly at noon ready to eat. You think maybe lunch is the real reason we have work days? I wonder. . . .

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BellaRosePhotography said...

I LOVE the garden goddess!!! Great table setting. What was for lunch?? I am so excited to come to your place, I only wish you were going to be there. Maybe I could plan a trip WITHOUT the kids:) That way we could really hang out and talk photography!