Saturday, December 5, 2009

Phoenix and Phoebe

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. . . at Phoebe's house! Between Thayne and Cathy they have the tree put up and decorated. There are even now a few very tempting packages under it. They may not make it till Christmas!
I'd say she's looking pretty darn good for 94 1/2 years young!
We took her out to the Biltmore mall this morning to walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.
She especially loves to have her picture taken in front of this pointsettia "tree."
This is one of my favorite shops in the mall--I think Mom enjoyed it also. Such whimsy--I would love to have a room in my house decorated in this delightful stuff. It pleases me. It feels like Alice in Wonderland. Fun. "Let's don't grow up" stuff. And I have to tell you Phoebe is expert at getting that walker past everything! Didn't knock into a single thing--even in this crowded shop. We have one more day here, then hop on a plane back to Bzn on Monday. Hope there's lots of new snow. . . . I'm praying to the "snow gods."


Rachel said...

Gramma looks great and I bet she loved celebrating the season with you 2! Safe travels and easy with those snow prayers...or at least wait until the 15th!!! :)

Kelle said...

Grandma looks like she's enjoying your company. Her leg must feel better, if she's walking in the stores.

PS. we have 2 inches of new snow and it's still snowing. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 3F and the low -18F, then warm up a bit each day from there, by Friday it's supposed to be 27F for the high.

Give Grandma a hug and maybe you could share some of the pictures from our blog with her. The garden pictures she'd I'm sure appreciate.
Have a safe trip home, I bet you'll see more snow*wink*

Paula said...

So glad to see the pictures and happy that you were there to see Mom and take her out. I'm sure she loved it. Weather here is nasty--rainy, windy, very cold--all pretty unusual for Albuquerque. I'm guessing you got your snow at home.