Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas. . . .

This was the first of my Christmas baking--Jenny's ginger snaps. Sophie made them when we there at Thanksgiving and they are the best! And mine turned out pretty good, also. Today I finished up #14 on my baking list--our traditional Mexican Wedding Cakes. I will still have a few things to make when the kids get here--gotta have sugar cookies and a decorating contest! And Jenny--my pregnant daughter!--is insisting that I make our Ghiradelli fudge with marshmallows thrown in--I do not do marshmallows!! But for my pregnant daugher I agreed to do it. . . .

I was busy baking and Walt got busy with the house decorating! Bless his sweet heart--I hugely appreciated his pitching in.
And then he went outside and got started there! And yes, the garland is lighted!

Some of my eleven nativity sets that we have collected on our travels.
This is a set my mother made in ceramics many, many years ago. One of my treasures.

We're just about ready. We're having our international coffee party tomorrow night for our valley neighbors and on Saturday we head to Billings to pick up the Gang coming from Kansas and to spend the night there with my mother. Zack will be driving with five kids and Jenny will be flying with two little boys (age 2 and 3 1/2) and a stroller with a four-hour layover in Denver! She doesn't even seem to be too anxious about it! Guess she figures that's better than the 15-hour drive in the car to Billings with seven kids! Can hardly wait.

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