Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Celebration in the Grasshopper Valley

Valley neighbors started our holiday weekend with a yard sale at the Becker place. 
 What a beauty this old Maytag washer was.  Couldn't believe Jim sold it for $5!  What a steal.
 (Not too sure how he came to have it in his possession??)
 Lots of tack for sale - against the backdrop of the East Pioneers.
 One of our shoppers checking out the bargains - and there were some real bargains.
 And stuff. . . .
 Tucker and Marti Johnson showed up to check out all the "bargains."
 George Nelson, Drin Becker and Ellen Nelson.  Looks like Ellen found a treasure.
 Some children are never bored.  This was a great race car track!
 Seth Coiner even set up a kool-aid stand with his ever-faithful Woody.
 Next morning at the Grasshopper Inn with the coffee crew - Jim Corr, Kirk Rector, Walt Loendorf.
 Robert Marchesseault, Roger Cox, Jim Corr.  It takes a lot to keep these regulars away from the morning coffee table.
 Cindy Green came out from her place at the grill in the kitchen to find out how the guys liked her treat of sausage biscuits.  Walt told me how tasty they were - yum!  Good cook, Cindy.
 These two, Nick and Tucker Johnson, were back at the Inn in the afternoon to rest up from a group ATV ride into Kelly Resevoir.  Needless to say, they're still wearing some of their dirt from the ride - pretty dusty!
 Almost dark enough to start the fireworks show at the Inn.  It was a good one.

 Some said the best ever!  Quite a show.  I loved taking pictures of it!  Fun.
 Here is a donation to the Ladies' Club Bake Sale table at the Annual July 4th Pancake Breakfast put on by the Grasshopper Valley Volunteer Fire Department.  It is one of their annual fundraisers.
 Katie Miller and Donna Matthews setting the bake sale table.
 This is a really organized function - they've been doing it long enough that they know how to do it and do it very well.  I don't know how many people they served today from 8 to 11, but it was in the hundreds!
 Cooks are hard at it getting those pancakes on and off the grill.  Ken Heberling, Barry Emge, Rob McKee.
 WOW.  Look at those pancakes!  And boy were they good!
 Dave Miller and Barb Kennison are keeping the juice cups filled.  Barb is one of the original members of what started as a fire company.  She's always there!
 Judy Robinson, Marilyn and George Bradley pause long enough in their duties for me to snap their picture.
 The pancake breakfast is free, but donations are gladly accepted!
 First in line - Robert Marchesseault.  No meal begins in this valley without Robert being Number One!
 Shelley Boyd and Joyce Harrison stopping long enough for me to get a picture - they also are original members of the fire company.
 Great stuff for sale - I was lucky enough to get one of the hats - cool!

 OH YES!  There is story behind the grasshopper. . . .
 Mary and Robert Marchesseault enjoying their breakfast.
 Walt Loendorf and Stanley Cox are waiting in line for their yummy breakfast.
 Coffee refills are served up by a smiling Ellen Foster.
Steve Porter taking a break.
 Barry and Joan Emge celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend with a huge family reunion.  Here are two sons, Steve and Kevin, with wives, Debbie and Marcie, and grandsons, Justin and Jeremy.
 Barry and Joan with Barry's sister and Joan's brother and wives.
 A few of the photo nuts!  Look at that fabulous backdrop.  Beautiful Grasshopper Valley set in the Pioneer Mountain Range.
 And this is the WHOLE group!  They had a fun weekend.

 Tim Foster, Robert Marchesseault, Mary, Ellen Foster with their house guest.

 Kirk Rector, Barry and Tim Foster.
 Tom Boyd, Marilyn and George Bradley.
Time for lunch!  Kevin and Darcie enjoying the party fare - that watermelon looked great!

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