Monday, June 6, 2011

Branding At The Marchesseault Ranch in the Grasshopper Valley

 Robert and Mary Marchesseault raised their three daughters and one son, Mark, in this family log cabin.
 These three guys are the calf pushers!  They have fun - and get VERY muddy.  This is the job Walt usually gets when he's here to help.  He loves it!

 The baby calves are very upset to be separated from their moms.
 Cute little thing.
 Very old, very sweet ranch dog.  Ranchers don't do much without their faithful, loyal, hardworking cow dogs.
 Robert's brother, Tex, is working here with Robert's son, Mark.
 Tex, Robert, Cindy and Mark are all part of the process of branding this year's batch of calves.
 Mark Marchesseault, the next generation rancher, with his sweet wife, Cindy.
 One of the Watson brothers (the Georgia Boys!) is hard at work pushing calves - in his own, very unique way!  Whatever works.
 Mark and Cindy measuring the vaccinations.
 Tex has been branding for a very long time - an expert.

 Yup.  Those branding irons are pretty hot. . . .
 Tex pulling one of the irons out of the fire.

 Mark is taking his turn with the irons.
Tex.  Such character.

 Robert and Tex.  Team work.  They've been doing this for many years.

 One of the Watson brothers.  The Georgia Boys had fun!  They were really good sports.
 Hand-hewn water trough.  I'm sure there is a story here.  I would love to hear it.
 Beautiful old log hay manger (?) - I'm sure there is a proper term for this - I don't know what it is.
 Branded calves are huddled together far away from the "branders!"

 This old dog was so sweet.
 "Muddy boots" is an understatement.  Bet you haven't seen boots like these in awhile.

 Kirk Rector - a valley resident, neighbor, local contractor, cowboy wannabe!  He's always available for ranch work - whatever it is - even branding!

 Love this old truck.
 Fascinating objects for photographing.
 Have no clue what this old cabin is used for.  I'm sure there is a story here also.
 Clean shoes!
 Nice to know the house now has plumbing. . . .
 Very cute little branded calf.  Love the face.
 Brothers Tex and Robert Marchesseault have been ranching in this valley since their dad was the first homesteader here.  They have stories.  Even Indian stories.
 And here is the branding crew.  Cindy, Mark, Watson, Tex, Watson, Kirk, Robert.  (I'm sorry.  I don't remember the boys' names!  Bad, bad, bad.  One was Avery. . . .)
 Robert Marchesseault
 Tex Marchesseault
 The paint is Robert's new horse.  Yes, they do still very often use horses to move cows and do ranch work.  (Also atv's!)
 This valley is incredibly beautiful.  Green valley hay fields topped off by the snow-capped mountains.
 The boys are going for their clean shoes!  So they can go fishing.  Amazing fishing in this valley also.
 A job well done, Guys!  You done good!

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Kelle said...

Looks like a hard days work, but to go fishing was a good ending! I always feel somewhat sad for the calves, but they've been doing brandings for hundreds of years.

Thanks for sharing the picures, love the one with the mountains in the background and gates in the foreground.