Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Things

This is one of my absolute most favorite things about spring - lilacs.  I grew up with huge lilac bushes in my grandmother's front yard and came to love the beautiful flowers and especially the fragrance.  To me it really is the "symbol" of spring.  My lilac bushes at our house are doing well, but the flowers don't come on till late June and they're not quite this lush and beautiful yet.  I'm here in Billings and the lilacs here are in full bloom EVERYWHERE!  I stole these off a bush over by the car wash - they won't miss them - I hope!  They're so very beautiful.  Walt tells how his mother always cut armloads of lilacs and took them to the cemetary on Memorial Day for all the family graves.  There will be plenty for this year.  Gorgeous.

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Kelle said...

We took a 5 gallon bucket full over to Grandpa's and them onto Mike's grandparents graves yesterday. It looked so lovely with purple and white lilacs mixed in with some colorful artifical flowers on the graves.