Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too Much Snow? Is That Possible???

Getting ready for a day of snowmobiling - and of course, that means attaching a sled to the back and throwing kids into the snow in every which direction!  Zack's really good at that and everybody has a blast!
 Allie, Jenny and Caleb waiting for their turn.
 It was a perfect day to sit on the deck and enjoy the sun while watching the snowmobile activities.

 Caleb got in trouble. . . .
 Time for Jacob to take a cookie break!
 Allie and Noah
 Zack and Kirk off for a walk
 Repairs on a stuck clutch - well, get it unstuck!
 Jacob was sure he could catch the snowballs dad Zack was throwing at him.  He didn't catch them, but I did!

 Little boys and dogs.  This one is Kirk's dog, Mildred.
 Uh, oh.  Emily's in the driver's seat!  Good thing she's a good driver.
Bring Sophie back safely!

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