Monday, March 21, 2011

Skiing With The GANG!

We hit the slopes early the next morning after the Gang arrived for their "Spring" Break and Winter Play in the Grasshopper!  Had a blast!

 The rental shop is the hardest part of a day of skiing, but the staff at Maverick did a great job and we were quickly on ths slopes. 
 And the slopes at Maverick are amazing.  Allie, Sophie, Noah and Josh at the top of lower Belly.  (No, we didn't ski it!  It is a black diamond, after all!)
 And here's Noah and Jacob at the top of Belly!
 Sophie, Josh and I headed over to the north side for a run down Thin Air.  One of my favorites!
 What a fabulously beautiful day.
 Jenny, Zack and Caleb enjoying the sun on the deck at the Lodge.
 Matthew. . . .
 Jacob. . . .  (our 3-year-old super skier)
 Emily was our lodge bunny (feet issues) so she was helping out.

On their way!

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