Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Gorgeous Girls

They have changed blogger uploader again - just as I got the other system figured out.  It would be nice if they would just leave things the same for a few days so I don't have to mess with it.  So these are now once again out of order.

Sophie and Caleb

Red velvet cheesecake - Allie and Sophie's choice for dessert at Cheesecake Factory where we had our "Girls Lunch" on Saturday.  I was missing two of my Gorgeous Girls - Katie and Luna.  But we had a delightful lunch together.

My lettuce wrap was excellent.  Second only to PF Chang.

After lunch we headed over to the Jessica McClintock shop to purchase a dress for Allie for Homecoming.

Of course, Caleb came with us.

This is the dress she finally chose.  Not a great picture, but an absolutely adorable dress.

Supposedly, this would have gone at the top.


Brittani said...

Linda, there is another tab when you are writing and uploading and it says Edit HTML. You can go into that and cut and paste the picture (its all words so it takes a little to figure it out, you have to figure out where the picture starts and ends and you can by reading the text) but it is great after you do that because with some counting you can put your pictures exactly where you want them every time. I have yet to find a program that ever uploads them how I want it to. I have some friends who blog and we are always helping each other so let me know if that does not work. Great pics, darling girls and Caleb:)

Jenny said...

Great posts mom! Glad someone is keeping up with The Gang ;-)