Monday, October 18, 2010

Montana Bar Hopping!

I recently bought a book called "Montana Watering Holes" and after looking at it, we decided it would be fun to use the book as an excuse to do daytrips and weekend trips around Montana and do some exploring.  Yesterday was a fabulous autumn day, so we decided to take off to Anaconda and explore the three bars there that are listed in our book.  The Club Moderne was the only "watering hole" that we visited after all - Sladich's is closed and we drove past The Owl and kept on driving!  Scary!!!  We were warned so decided to pass that up.
I got some great photos in the two places we visited yesterday - wonderful photo op - but this blogger upload is driving me crazy, so this is the only picture I'm loading today.  I've been at this for at least an hour.  Maybe next time.  Check out my facebook page - the uploader there is excellent.


Kelle said...

Hey, next time you are up our way, you should tour the Cowboy Bar here. The owner has a mini museum in the back filled with wonderful Indian, cowboy( rodeo) and other items of local interest.

Linda said...

Kelle, you're right. I've read about it as the Gazette did a major piece on it, although it is not in my book, but I would love to photograph it. Next time! I think you guys had a great summer season. I've enjoyed reading about all your accomplishments.