Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays. . . .

It was a rainy day all day. . . .
Start of another homeschool day with Jenny, Caleb (he's starting early!), Noah and Josh.
Josh LOVES homeschooling!
Meanwhile. . . .  at Play Dough School
This Mr. Personality (Jacob) and Matthew
Never imagined Play Do could be so creative
Noah finished school and joined us
COOL!!!  The Gang headed to High School!  The three girls (Emily, Sophie, Allie) are all in high school this year at a brand new school, so we got a tour with Allie as our tour guide.  Needless to say, it was a most entertaining tour!  If Allie is involved, it's bound to be entertaining!
Our engineer, Emily, is putting her amazing talent to good use in 'helping' Noah put together a roller coaster that he got for his birthday.
Looks like most of the Gang got involved.
Project completed and it was pretty darn cool.
Jacob loves to help cook.  That stool of his comes out in about 10 seconds flat if somebody is in the kitchen cooking!
Especially if there's any chance of licking the spoon!  The brownies Sophie made were pretty good, too.

Cool Nerdy look!  Check out the Converse.   (No, the 'glasses' are not real - but the look is real. . . .)

I think this says "I hate homework!"

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