Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll Sing in the Sunshine

Kansas sunshine, that is!
Kansas Sunrise.  Got lucky on this one!
This is how we start our day.  Every head of hair is combed!
Baby Caleb entertaining himself.
Josh is working on a science experiment - with a little from Jacob!
A perfect day to be outside in the sunshine on the tire swing.
I love this image!  Unfortunately, the feet are just a little blurry - difficult shot!
Jacob mows the lawn most every day!
We stopped at the new cupcake shop after lunch.  Decisions!  Decisions!
Love the colors
More color
Noah especially liked his peanut butter cupcake.  You can see the 'joy' on his face.
Water shots are some of my favorites.  I'm going back here with my 'real' camera and have some fun!

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