Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Images of Christmas Past -- Snow Days!

My favorite photographer at work.
The sun was really bright--beautiful blue-sky-Montana winter day.
Kids are up on the hill sledding.
It's a race to the bottom. I wonder who will win. . . .
Cute couple. You'd never know they have 7 1/2 kids!!!
Love the backlight. Too bad Matthew was standing back there!
She sure is a beauty.
And her? Well. . . .
Still some nice light for Emily.
Sophie looks Scandinavian to me--probably the hat.
Josh is always ready for the camera--so handsome. And that light!
My cutie pie, Noah. Happy boy.
Matthew had a blast--loved every minute of it.
Maybe you can't tell, but there's a big grin there under that plug in Jacob's mouth! (Remember, you can click on the images to enlarge them.)
And there she is! She's so much fun to photograph! (Allie, that is)
When all else fails the ATV works for pulling the sleds on the roads--that was fun, too!
What a gorgeous girl she is--our Emily.
And the partriarch--yes, that's Walt!
The ATV even works for skiers when the ski hill doesn't have enough snow to open. Zack will always find a way to have fun!!! luv that guy!

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