Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas With The Gang!

We arrived in Kansas early enough to be able to go and watch Sophie play basketball, which was a first for us and we were so pleased to be there for that.  She is a superb athlete.

And she's so tall and so pretty!
And then the next day we got to go watch Josh play basketball with his school's team.  What a treat for us.

Caleb was quite entranced by the Christmas tree.

And of course, there was the traditional decorating of the gingerbread house.  A fun project for all!

We did quite a lot of dog walking and occasionally one of the kids would go with us - Matthew was pretty good at giving Chico some exercise!
Allie went with us out to the arboretum so she could do a photo for us.  She's a wonderful photographer and did a great job.  Very casual, but that's what we wanted.  And it was cold and none of us wanted to be out there very long!

And one night we all bundled up super warm and climbed in Zack's trailer and went through several neighborhoods enjoying the lights and decorations and singing Christmas carols.  A good time was had by all!
It was so cute seeing Noah reading the Christmas story to Jacob.
And Noah helped out with Caleb checking out the tree and everything under it.
It was a beautiful tree, Jenny.  You did a great job.
And here's Noah again snuggled up with Chico!
And then there's alway the cookie decorating.  Emily really gets into this project!  Very serious business.
Everybody loves it.  Jacob looks pretty serious about it also.
And then there's Sophie and Jenny!  They're really serious!  And the job got done in record time - seeing as how we were on our way to church that was a good thing.
Caleb was so cute during the family tradition of new jammies on Christmas Eve.  He was giving his package lots of hugs! 

And here's a shot of all the guys in their new jammies.  Oh, that was fun!  Caleb wanted nothing to do with that part of it!
He's not laughing in this picture!  Well maybe, cause Josh was tickling him at this point.
Jenny and her little Caleb.
Jenny and her guys.  This was a fun shot to get, too!
Looks like Santa has come and gone!
And this was the scene in the living room on Christmas afternoon!  But then, life happens and the Gang was on their way to Atlanta and had to have the house undecorated and back to "normal" before they left so their realtor could show the house while they were gone.

It was a great Christmas.  So loved spending time with the kids and celebrating Christmas with the Gang.  Nothing better than family at Christmas. 

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Jenny said...

That seems like MONTHS ago....not just a week!!!! Great pics- I'll have to get them from you ;D