Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life Happening - In Our Back Yard!

These certainly are not great pictures of moose, but it is so interesting and fun to have them in our yard and close enough to be able to hear the sounds they make.  They have no fear of me nor my puppy and I can stand around on the deck photographing them and they totally ignore me.  Just hoping so much those little twin moose will make it through the winter/wolf season.  Our moose numbers have been decimated by the burgeoning wolf populations in our valley and neighboring valleys.  Just sayin. . . .

 The bull is on the left with the cow and her twins.
 Mama Moose and her twin calves.
 Pretty small rack on this bull.  Must be fairly young.
 The Twins.
 This all four of the moose that have been hanging around the house a lot lately.  I'm very careful when I'm out walking! 

 It's so fascinating to me how they get down on their knees to eat.  They love the nice, lush green grass around our house.

Hi, Mama!

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