Monday, July 19, 2010

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is knowing that we have enough firewood to make it through the winter. Yesterday we headed back up into the forest to get our last load of firewood which was a load of 6-foot poles that we will cut up to use in the kitchen wood cookstove. You can see they are much smaller in diameter than what we use in the fireplace and in the stove we have downstairs. We probably have enough now for about 2 years! That's good. Peace of mind.
This is what we now have stacked on the back porch for easy access to the kitchen stove.
And this is what we use to warm the kitchen in winter and where we sometimes cook and bake bread! Really!
After we finished unloading and stacking and cutting the day's wood, we headed out back where I took this picture of the lupine blowing in the gentle breeze up there. The purple lupine color doesn't show up very well, but I decided not to go the photoshop route with it! Pretty blue skies, puffy clouds floating by. All is well with the world - well, our little corner of it anyway!
This was our afternoon job. We built what we call "jack shelters" in several places out back - the other two are down along the creek. This one is in the worst shape, so we went up to do some repair work on it. Pretty bad! And tall grass. We took apart a lot of it and re-enforced the joints. It is constructed like a jack fence only much taller and then covered with willow branches.
So we brought a load of willow branches with us from down along the creek and rebuilt the entire shelter and Walt wacked the grass and then took a break! The views are awesome up towards the Sawtooth in the East Pioneer Mountains. Great place to relax and just soak up the beauty of God's earth. We call this one "Jim's Rest" as Jim and Peggy like to come here and sit. Now they can once again enjoy it!
This is the back side and a little of the view down over the creek and our back property and up towards the Pioneers. Life is good! God is great!

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