Sunday, June 13, 2010

RHUBARB! Says Spring Time!

This valley was first settled by ranchers and miners. Fortunately for all of us, one of the miners up on the side of one of the mountains wasn't doing particularly well on his claim, so he planted rhubarb and made his fortune (well, maybe!) making and selling rhubarb wine! Not at all sure what happened to the miner nor his wine clients, but the rhubarb patch is still there and it is wonderful. In order not to have to go up the mountain every time we want rhubarb, many of us have gone up and transplanted some of the plants into our yards. This is my little patch and it has about 14 plants in it. It will produce for about 6 weeks or so depending on how well I keep it watered. I always have some chopped in the freezer for rhubarb custard pie and other delectables for the winter. I usually make at least one trip up the mountain in order to have what I want. I love rhubarb!

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